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We partner with a variety of product manufacturers, each carefully selected for quality and reliability. We will work with you to select the best product fit for your needs.

From 80% efficient furnaces to high-efficient 95% efficient furnaces, Carmichael Heating & A/C has a furnace that is sure to fit any budget. The minimum standard efficiency mandated by the US Department of Energy is 78% A.F.U.E. The more efficient the furnace, the more you will save on your energy bills for heating your home.

With our climate here in Muskegon you might want to choose a 3-Stage furnace design. Why?

Traditional furnaces are designed to heat your home, and keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter months; therefore the traditional furnace operates at only one level - high. That means that every time your furnace starts up, it is putting out the maximum amount of BTUs that your furnace is designed for. The trouble with that is that, in the Muskegon area, the temperatures fluctuate and many winter days can be somewhat mild. On these mild days you don't need that full capacity your furnace is putting out to heat your home.

Unlike the traditional furnace that will turn on and run at full capacity with each heating cycle, the three-stage furnace will start out by running in its first stage, which uses only about 34% of its capacity. This reduced capacity is sufficient enough to heat your home on those mild winter days and when the temperature outside drops, the furnace will meet the extra demand by ramping up to the second stage, which is about 68% capacity, and then continue ramping to the third stage on the coldest of days.

Contact Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning today to set-up a free in-home consultation with a Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning Comfort Consultant so we can personally customize an energy efficient heating plan for you!

There is no better way to stay cool and comfortable than with a central air conditioner system. With efficiencies as high as 21 S.E.E.R., these units have come a long way through the years. The higher the S.E.E.R., the more efficient the unit. Minimum efficiency set by the US Department of Energy is 13 S.E.E.R.

Refrigerant type should be of top priority when choosing a new central air conditioner. Effective January 1, 2010, condensing units will no longer be manufactured utilizing R-22 refrigerant. All condensing units after January 1, 2010 will utilize R410A, an environmentally friendly refrigerant. R-22 refrigerant will become available only through recycling, causing its price to soar. Choosing a cheaper R-22 air conditioning system now will almost ensure higher repair costs in the future.

Central air conditioning feels so different because it dehumidifies the air inside your home. With central air conditioning, all you need to do is set it and forget it. Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning offers central air conditioning to fit almost any budget and in-home estimates are FREE!

Whatever system you choose, you can rest assure that Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning experts will install a system that operates quietly and delivers outstanding energy efficiency, saving you money on your next energy bill.

No matter how well designed or built, every home has areas that are difficult to heat or cool. A single thermostat can't possibly keep track of temperatures throughout the entire home. And, because hot air rises and cool air falls, it's even worse when you have a second story. High ceilings, two-story entrances, large windows, skylights and fireplaces all affect your indoor comfort. In addition, external conditions that change throughout the day, including heat from the sun or shade from a large tree, can greatly influence your comfort inside. Most standard heating and cooling systems aren't equipped to handle these variables, so you compensate by overheating or over-cooling some areas to make others comfortable. That's an inefficient way to keep your home comfortable.

Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning offers the Zone Perfect System. Zone Perfect System from Bryant compensates for the temperature variations in your home. It can divide your indoor environment into several distinct areas, each with its own thermostat. These individual thermostats monitor indoor temperatures and send information to a central controller which decides how to best distribute heated or cooled air to the separate zones. It's like having a separate system for each area.

For even greater energy savings and personalized comfort control, a Honeywell programmable thermostat in each zone allows you to create up to four separate comfort settings per zone, per day.

Programmable thermostats automatically adjust your home's temperature settings, allowing you to save energy while you're away or sleeping. They are more convenient and accurate than manual thermostats and improve your home's comfort while they help you save energy. They contain no mercury, like many conventional thermostats and they use less energy, so they're better for the environment. Programmable thermostats save energy by offering convenient, pre-programmed temperature settings - settings that try to anticipate when it's convenient for you to scale back on heating or cooling. If you are like many homeowners and work outside the home during the day and have a different schedule on the weekend, a programmable thermostat can offer many benefits, and the return on your investment is usually within 1 year.

Home comfort extends to your garage. Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning offers heating units that can bring a breath of fresh, warm air into your garage. Today separated combustion unit heaters offer sizes of 45,000 through 125,000 btuh in a low profile cabinet design that is perfect for residential garages and workshops. Separated combustion units are also ideal for installations that may be dusty, slightly corrosive, humid, or in buildings that have a slight negative pressure.

Today's homes are built to conserve energy with tighter construction and better insulation. Unfortunately, that means your home can also trap and recirculate airborne particles, gases, unpleasant odors and moisture in your living areas. As a part of your home comfort system, a fresh air ventilator can refresh and revitalize indoor air, removing unseen pollutants while maintaining system efficiency. It's as if you opened your windows and let the fresh air in without losing your heating or cooling comfort. The high-efficiency core transfers heating or cooling energy from exiting stale indoor air to the incoming outdoor air. The air streams DO NOT mix, yet you continue to enjoy heating or cooling comfort and economy. The core also helps maintain proper humidity to maximize comfort. To maintain optimum performance, Bryant fresh air ventilators are designed for easy maintenance. The filters and the high-efficiency core can be removed and cleaned without using tools. Or, contact us for professional cleaning and maintenance of your entire home comfort system to ensure years of peak performance and comfort.

Humidifiers add much needed moisture to our indoor environment. Especially in Michigan's climate, humidifiers are a must. Ever experience a shock when you touch something? That shock is telling you that there is not enough moisture in the air. Shocks are sometimes devastating to electrical equipment and hi-tech equipment. Does your hard wood floor tend to separate in the winter months? This is also due to lack of moisture in your home.

Adding moisture to your environment by way of a Whole House Humidifier will eliminate shocks and separated hard wood floors, and it will add moisture to your skin and help your house plants thrive. It will also make your body believe it is really warmer that it is, thus allowing you to set the thermostat down a degree or two, saving money on energy bills. A Whole House Humidifier works with your homes heating system, typically a forced air furnace. When the furnace is running, moisture from the humidifier is being added and shot through the duct system and finally delivered through the vents in your home.

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Up to 90% of our time is spent indoors and much of that time is spent at home. Polluted air in your home can negatively affect your family's health. EPA studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times and occasionally more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels. We offer a variety of air filtration systems that provide your family with the cleanest air available.

Unlike outdoor air, indoor air is recycled again and again. This causes it to trap and build up pollutants. Common pollutants include dust, mold and spores, pollen, pet dander and smoke.

Do not believe all the hype associated with air cleaning devices sold via infomercials. According to the FDA, most of these devices produce 50 parts per billion of ozone! The EPA regulates outdoor ozone levels, but there is no federal agency that regulates indoor levels. So be careful when choosing a product to clean the indoor air you breathe in a healthy manner.

Knowing what causes poor indoor air quality and how to detect the problem areas is the first step to cleaner air and a healthier living environment. Some illnesses related to poor indoor air quality may include headaches, nose bleeds, fatigue, bronchitis, eye irritation, sinus irritation, dizziness, and symptoms of asthma.

Contact Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning today to consult with our Comfort Consultant so we can personally customize your air filtration system for you!

The Bryant Perfect Air™ Electronic Air Cleaner is an advanced and easy-to-use, whole-house solution that traps and filters up to 98% of pollutants from the air passing through your heating and cooling system. This advanced air cleaner captures microscopic impurities like dust, smoke and smog particles, in addition to larger particles like mold spores and cat dander. It works by placing an electric charge on airborne particles, and then collecting the charged pollutants like a magnet. Plus, you can say goodbye to monthly filter replacements by simply washing the air cleaner cells in your dishwasher or sink.

A standard 1" furnace filter offers only limited capture of airborne particles and pollutants compared to the 4" deep-pleated media filter found in a Bryant EZ Flex Media Air Cleaner. Deep pleated filters take several square feet of filtration material and fold it over and over to provide several times the surface area of filtration material versus a standard 1" filter. The result is highly effective cleaning efficiency against even the smallest particles.

Bryant's Ultraviolet (UV) Air Treatment Systems zap mold spores and certain live, airborne bacteria passing by the lamp to prevent them from being re-circulated into your home's air. The shortwave lights, similar to those used in hospitals, laboratories and commercial kitchens, are easy to add to your existing heating and cooling system. Plus, the long-life lamps are easy to replace when needed.

The Bryant UV Air Treatment System can kill up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria in the air passing through your heating/cooling system, reducing the presence of these harmful agents in the air your family breathes.

Keep you and your family safe by contacting us to learn more about UV air treatment systems.

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas that can build up in enclosed spaces in your home. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas often formed in the process of incomplete combustion of organic substances, including fuels.

It is estimated that unintentional CO exposure accounts for an estimated 500 deaths in the United States each year. Poisoning contributes annually to more than 2,000 deaths in the United States. In addition, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 8,000 to 15,000 people each year are examined or treated in hospitals for non-fire-related CO poisoning. Breathed over long periods of time, low concentrations of CO may also contribute to other illness. Fortunately, simple measures can be taken to prevent CO problems. One such action is the installation of a CO alarm to detect potentially deadly conditions.

Keep you and your family safe by contacting us to learn more about effective Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems.