Energy Savings & Rebates

Saving money on new energy-efficient equipment has never been easier! Explore available manufacturer rebates, utility company incentives, and federal tax credits.

Manufacturer Rebates

When you choose Bryant, you get an experienced dealer, dependable products and more. And when you purchase a qualifying Bryant® product or system, during select times you can receive a rebate back on your purchase. Now that's what we call a good deal. Receive a rebate up to $1,650 when you purchase a complete Bryant heating and cooling system that qualifies for Bryant Bonus.

Utility Company Rebates

Utility companies issue rebates and incentives to not only help you better manage your energy use, but, in most cases, also achieve a reduction in operating cost. Rebates are available for equipment installations on or after Jan. 1, 2016. Select your utility company below to learn how much you could save!

Federal Geothermal Tax Credit Continues in 2016

While the bulk of energy-efficiency tax credits expired at the end of 2016, a very important tax credit remains: for installing a geothermal heating and air conditioning system in your principal residence. Installing an Energy Star qualified geothermal unit will net you a 30% tax credit on both equipment and labor of the unit, with no upper limit.

Although geothermal units cost more up front, you'll experience dramatic energy saving year after year. estimates that what you spend to install a geothermal system, will be recouped within 5 to 10 years, and, because the life expectancy of a geo unit is estimated at 25 years for the inside unit and more than 50 years for the loops, you'll be able to save a tremendous amount of energy - and money - as long as you live in your home.

In addition to the tax credit, Consumers Energy offers a rebate on the installation of geothermal units. Check with us for details.

Learn more about Geothermal systems to find out if it's right for you.